#PoemADay #WritingPrompt #AprPAD Today’s Theme: Animals

Today’s Writer’s Digest Poem A Day prompt theme is animals.

animals are simple      4/3/19

animals are simple.

they eat,

partner up,

produce heirs,


and at times

lose their lives


for love.

then repeat.

functioning on actions

not words

and in their world

words are not needed

only expectations.

If only humans

could master

this kind of follow through.

imagine how much more

we could accomplish?




#30poems30days poems from my haiku collection.

Two poems, Business and Stress. Appropriate, as I rush off today.

Listen to the newest episode of my podcast, march thirty one poetry: April 3rd. #nationalpoetrymonth. haiku in the key of life collection. https://anchor.fm/marchthirtyonepoetry/episodes/April-3rd–nationalpoetrymonth–haiku-in-the-key-of-life-collection-e3km77




#30daysofpoetry: Poem A Day Writing Prompt. April 1st. Theme: morning

Today kicks off National Poetry Month. It also kicks off my annual attempt to complete 30 poems this month by following the Writer’s Digest Poem A Day writing prompt challenge. Here we go!  Today’s theme: morning

Good morning 4/1/2019

Every day

I update my status with

Good morning,

Be Thankful,

Love Thy Neighbor,

Be Kind.


golden rule virtues

we are taught

as children

Somehow though

In our daily engagement

When we are busy pretending

To be adults,

We lose our childlike ability

To see others

As equal in how we

Love, forgive, and grow.

We become forgetful

Home training goes

out the window

And we often

don’t remember

To treat others

As just plain humans

And so it seems

the hardest ideals to keep

Throughout the day

Are those that show

Compassion and empathy

For difference

So at the end of the day

After morning has passed away

It’s our inward reflection

That will matter and determine

How we will plan ahead

For tomorrow.




by any means

by any means – a poem

I was a college student in 1992

Kent State historical in its own right for the shooting of four protestors exercising their first amendment

Malcolm X was also a man exercising his right to be black in America

1992, a movie premiere.

Three glorious hours about this leader who gave an alternative voice to a people, some of whom saw no end of the struggle in sight.

Then the Oscars roll around.

Spike Lee was played


Thank you for reading