march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 26

Global hair texture map

Global hair texture map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

haiku for hair texture

interesting convo

he said he liked my hair straight

false identity

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march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 21

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills

National Poetry Month Display @ Forest Hills (Photo credit: mySAPL)

haiku for good fathers

looking for a mate

my father laid the groundwork

will my wish come true?

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march thirty one poetry: “I Hate You” – my ode to Rush Limbaugh and all things Women’s Rights

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In light of Women’s History Month, This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful women of the world, our ancestors, our freedom fighters, our mothers, aunts, grandmothers — our sisters who fight everyday to make it so that we have all of the rights and equalities due to us, just because we are women, and just because we are the ones who bear life and bear the brunt of life. I thank you! And in defense of you, I wrote this poem.  The world is getting uglier and some men, especially those conservative, evangelical perpetrators, have got it in their heads that it’s okay to treat the very people who brought them into the world and raised them up, like dirt.  We are more than sexual beings for them to trash around town and it’s up to us to keep making them remember that they can’t just walk all over us, we are not their punching bags, and we are not jokes to be made fun of to make themselves popular across America’s airwaves.  

I Hate You by Kellea Tibbs (aka ivywriter)

I don’t normally use the word HATE
All willy nilly
And as freely as
It’s flowing
Off my tongue right now

But, Rush Limbaugh.

I Hate You!

And much like my girl  Kelis
When she declared her
Utter hatred
For old dude
In her
Womanist filled classic
Women’s Rights
Pledge of alliance
To all things fair in the land of

relationship inequality
Rush Limbaugh
“I hate you so much right now!”

Without a doubt

I will put my disdain for you
On 100% of my government health benefits
My so-called entitlement (according to you)
To have birth control
And all things contraceptive
Available at my
Beckoned call
Because, well,

I Hate You!

And It’s my right
As a citizen

As this strong willed female citizen

So just like
Your right to freedom of speech
To spew your
Sexist saturated
Lude, rude words
At women
As if we are pieces of meat
As if it’s not okay
For us
To prevent pregnancy
As if it’s not our right
To say NO
To a Fat, unattractive
Unsexy  rapist of sorts –
A sexual assaulter of words
Such as you

You hypocritical evangelical

loud mouthed, conservative

bag of hot air
Rush Limbaugh.

You can kick rocks
I guarantee you
With all my heart and soul
And in defense of all women and girls
In the world
Who feel disrespected
And violated by you
And other jerks like you

I –  HATE  – YOU!

copyright 2012 march thirty one poetry

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march thirty one: celebrating women’s history month with an ode to the virtuous woman

I wrote this poem in 2004. It was inspired by the biblical scripture in Psalms 31:10-31, about the Virtuous Woman. I thought to myself, how do I write a poem the exemplifies those verses but with a modern twist.  Afterall, even in biblical times, women were still expected to be any and everything to a man and her kids, but all be a “superwoman”, just like today.  So, in honor of all women, those alive and those who have lived their lives and touched us in some way,

Celebrate Women's History Month

our ancestor women who fought the good fight for our rights, our grandmothers, aunts, and sisters, and our girlfriends  who are always there for us when we need them, and those who are trying to find their way, trying to find their purpose; Celebrate yourself during Women’s History Month. I hope you enjoy!

Woman of the World       by Kellea Tibbs    9/26/04

I want to be a woman

in every sense of the word

I want to drape myself

in fine linen

and brush my hair

in front of a vanity


I want the man

I am blessed with

to be able to come home

from a hard day’s work

and have a home cooked meal

waiting for him

while not sacrificing the fact

that I am my own person

even though I cater to you


while I am still independent

paying my own bills, doing my own thing

hanging with my girlfriends

maintaining my own car

contemplating my own life

I still have a fairy tale wish

for a ring as shiny as the sun

I still want to be treated

as a delicate flower

like the feminine being that I am


God put me here

to be a help mate

a soul mate

to take care

and to nurture

I can be a lawyer

a doctor

a police woman

even a cab driver


I can be a soccer mom

a soccer coach

a song writer

I can cook

I can clean

take care of my household

I can go at it

with the best of them

in the corporate office

fight the good fight

in the streets

for my fellow woman

fight for freedom

for my fellow man

fight for equality

strive for the advancement of my people

all while

cooking a five course meal

changing a tire

putting on my lipstick

and writing a novel


and all in one sweep of the hand

I can take care of my man

love him

in good times

in bad times

stroke his ego

hold his hand

when he is down

and still be

the woman that I am


I want to be a woman

all over the place

in every sense of the word

I want to love

and be loved

cry and

be a shoulder to cry on


I want to

be able to call you when I need you

listen to your heart

support you in your goals

while you support me in mine


I want to be the woman

my man thinks

is the most beautiful

woman in the world

i want to be the woman

you come home to faithfully

without a doubt


I am already every woman

but I know I can be your woman

and  your friend


A Beautifully




I want to be a woman

in every sense of the word

just like my ancestors

just like my strong grandmothers

just like my strong mother

I want to bring life

into the world

love life

live my life

have you in my life

and love myself

all at the same time


I want to be a woman

in the world

of the world

and most of all

be the center

of your world