It’s National Poetry Month 2019. Poem: Vogue

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harlem sweeties. my favorite poem. recited by Mos Def.

I was listening to NPR today and they were talking about the modern day take on poetry and they asked the panelists what was their first exposure to poetry. That got me to thinking about my first exposure to poetry and my favorite poet and poem. My absolute favorite poem on earth is a poem called Harlem Sweeties by Langston Hughes, my favorite poet.  I like it because it was my first exposure to someone actually giving homage to all of the colors of the brown rainbow that black women come in. I recently found this version of the poem being performed by the rapper Mos Def. Enjoy!


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march thirty one: a poem for grand(mothers)

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I have been thinking a lot about my grandmothers lately and I felt compelled to write a mother’s day poem for them. And Happy Mother’s day to all mothers everywhere! That includes birth mothers, adopted mothers, aunties, grandmothers, sisters who play a mother’s role, and anyone who cares for someone in a maternal way!


lessons from my grandmothers


dear grandmothers


I miss you times two


grandma to the left


and grandma to the right




on the family tree


you both add value


to who I am


for you gave me


my mother


and my father


who had me


the offspring


of you


and it is on this day


that we honor mothers


and the mothers


of mothers


I honor you


my grandmothers


my wise apparents


who showed me how to


bake and sew


how to make water


out of wine


how to take loaves


and turn them into


a feast


you taught me


about beauty


inner and outer


how to take care


of loved ones


and how to


be love everyone






god fearing


in all actions




and words


I thank you


for existing


and I know


that heaven is a better place


with you


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march thirty one: national haiku writing month, in honor of black history month

Because I fell behind with my daily postings, I have decided to put a little twist on this week. I have declared this week “Black Creativity Week” and In honor of the final week of Black History Month, I’m going to wrap up the last week of National Haiku Writing Month with some poems I previously shared with you. Enjoy!

for the icons

Josephine Baker
Lady Day, Ella, Nina
All captured the soul

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march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 26

Global hair texture map

Global hair texture map (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

haiku for hair texture

interesting convo

he said he liked my hair straight

false identity

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march thirty one poetry: “I Hate You” – my ode to Rush Limbaugh and all things Women’s Rights

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In light of Women’s History Month, This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful women of the world, our ancestors, our freedom fighters, our mothers, aunts, grandmothers — our sisters who fight everyday to make it so that we have all of the rights and equalities due to us, just because we are women, and just because we are the ones who bear life and bear the brunt of life. I thank you! And in defense of you, I wrote this poem.  The world is getting uglier and some men, especially those conservative, evangelical perpetrators, have got it in their heads that it’s okay to treat the very people who brought them into the world and raised them up, like dirt.  We are more than sexual beings for them to trash around town and it’s up to us to keep making them remember that they can’t just walk all over us, we are not their punching bags, and we are not jokes to be made fun of to make themselves popular across America’s airwaves.  

I Hate You by Kellea Tibbs (aka ivywriter)

I don’t normally use the word HATE
All willy nilly
And as freely as
It’s flowing
Off my tongue right now

But, Rush Limbaugh.

I Hate You!

And much like my girl  Kelis
When she declared her
Utter hatred
For old dude
In her
Womanist filled classic
Women’s Rights
Pledge of alliance
To all things fair in the land of

relationship inequality
Rush Limbaugh
“I hate you so much right now!”

Without a doubt

I will put my disdain for you
On 100% of my government health benefits
My so-called entitlement (according to you)
To have birth control
And all things contraceptive
Available at my
Beckoned call
Because, well,

I Hate You!

And It’s my right
As a citizen

As this strong willed female citizen

So just like
Your right to freedom of speech
To spew your
Sexist saturated
Lude, rude words
At women
As if we are pieces of meat
As if it’s not okay
For us
To prevent pregnancy
As if it’s not our right
To say NO
To a Fat, unattractive
Unsexy  rapist of sorts –
A sexual assaulter of words
Such as you

You hypocritical evangelical

loud mouthed, conservative

bag of hot air
Rush Limbaugh.

You can kick rocks
I guarantee you
With all my heart and soul
And in defense of all women and girls
In the world
Who feel disrespected
And violated by you
And other jerks like you

I –  HATE  – YOU!

copyright 2012 march thirty one poetry

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