march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 19

the 30 & over project:  On Turning 39


is somewhat of an art form

Cover of "Waiting to Exhale"

Cover of Waiting to Exhale

you have to do it gracefully

or people will know

that you tried to cover up those grays

with a store bought box of Clairol

or that your bones  have begun to ache

whenever you attempt to strut your stuff

as if you were 20 again

just like that scene in Waiting To Exhale

with that fine Mr. Gregory Hines, may he rest in peace

and you know what they say

that black don’t crack

it’s true…

for most women with a darker hue

skin smooth like butta

hair curly like nature

age don’t mean a thing

if you still got that swing

And, no, I’m not the kinda woman who fibs about

how old she is

my theory is

don’t fake it

just make it work for you

wear it like a glove

wear it on your body like

that pair of yoga pants you’ve grown so accustomed to

and don’t let age beat you down

as if there is some unwritten manual

on how to get old

and not enjoy the youth you still have left in you

39 is not so bad

Nah, I’m just riding the train to 40

then I can say

Hallelujah! I made it

because so many others

will not have gotten the chance to,

how much I love aging

how much I embrace it

cause I’m still kinda cute

and I’m still kinda fly

And I still write poetry

like I’m back in undergrad

chillin on  campus

with my peeps

yup, at this age

everything is all good



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