#PoemADay #30Poems30Days #AprPAD #WritersDigest, Today’s Theme: Reason

The national poetry month challenge is supposed to be for 30 straight days of writing poetry, however, in true fashion, I have fallen off and wittled my writing down to Wednesdays as my days get busy. So in an effort to at least stay on track, here’s this week’s contribution.  Today’s theme from the Writer’s Digest website is:  Reason

and the greatest of these 

the reason I love
God told me I had no choice
love is the best commandment

stack of love wooden blocks

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#PoemADay #AprPAD #WritersDigest today’s theme: lucky number

7 times 7  (April 8,2019)

Not a round number
but meaningful
I was born in 73
7 plus 3 is 10
10 minus 3 is 7
what does that mean?
nothing at all
I made it up
but the outcome
is still 7
I worked at my last job
for 7 years
I was initiated
into my sorority
in 2007
and I was the 7th person
in line
means nothing
but in my head
it gives me motivation
and solace
that there is something
beyond me
when God
for some reason
continues to
not luck
but grace
upon me
in the form of
the infinite
number 7

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march thirty one: #30poems30days, April 22, Earth Day

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since there is no official governing body over Earth. The flag holds a photo transfer of a NASA image of the Earth on a dark blue background. It has been associated with Earth Day. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Forgive me for not keeping up with National Poetry Month and #30poems30days but here is my homage to Mother Earth.




Earth Day


a birthday


a celebration day


a rejoice day


because today


and everyday


she does


she provides us


with everything we need


to survive!


God graces her with


water for drinking


wind for power


sunshine for warmth


plants for nourishment


trees for shelter


and seasons for change


let’s do better


and treat her kindly


because without her


life would be impossible




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march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 22

Earth Day


has many reasons for existing

The Earth flag is not an official flag, since ...

it comes in handy

when you need a little change

it’s an action word

when we recycle and reuse

it’s  the nutrition

that helps our bodies maintain

it covered the paths

our ancestors walked on

before construction

green is a  living breathing thing

it is powerful

creates wealth

and encourages

both a human and environmental poverty

it”s necessary

for sustaining

us to eat, grow, and love

march thirty one: national poetry month – 30 poems in 30 days, April 16


AmazingGrace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

haiku for grace  (That classic hymn, Amazing Grace popped in my head while I was in the shower this morning and as a result, inspired this poem. Enjoy!)

His amazing grace

still saving wretches like me

twenty four hours

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