march thirty one: #NationalPoetryMonth #ThrowbackThursday #OldSchool – Gil Scott Heron – The Revolution Will Not Be Televised

Since it’s Thursday (Throw Back Thursday that is), here is one of my favorite poets and one of my favorite pieces of spoken word. It’s Gil Scott Heron’s, “The Revolution Will Not Be Televised”.  #OldSchool #TBT

We lost him in May 2011, one of the pioneers of modern spoken word and performance. RIP Gil Scott Heron

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march thirty one: April is National Poetry Month – “30 Poems In 30 Days” Challenge – April 2

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford

Trayvon Martin Protest - Sanford (Photo credit: werthmedia)

I have to say two things to preface this post: 1) I almost forgot about the National Poetry Writing Month Challenge – 30 Poems in 30 Days so I missed April 1 and I guess April 2 serves as my first day and 2) I thought it befitting to repost this poem I wrote weeks ago about #TrayvonMartin, considering there hasn’t been an arrest yet; we definitely need to keep him in our consciousness.  So here is my attempt to keep up with the challenge. If you wish to join in, visit for more details. Please comment and share!

A Poem For Trayvon by Kellea Tibbs

in his eyes, you can see every kid in America

you can see his hopes, his dreams, his wishes

you can see him playing with other kids his age

shooting hoops and having fun

how unfortunate

to be taken away so soon

he’s our child

he’s America’s child

not just another black child

but his untimely demise

represents us all

and if you love everything

about being an American

all of the rights

and privileges

even the option to walk down the street

free and clear of harm

or the notion that

you  might be shot down senselessly

then you WILL cry out

you SHOULD cry out

you should cry

for this beautiful child

another gone too soon

who will speak for Trayvon

who will speak for all of the parents

all of the grandparents, aunts, uncles

all of the sisters, all of the brothers

all of the cousins, all of the classmates

all of the teachers, all of the neighbors

who will miss him

we must speak up

even those of us

who didn’t even know him

but know him in our hearts

who love him

despite never meeting him

rest in peace


c) 2012 march thirty one poetry

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march thirty one poetry: “I Hate You” – my ode to Rush Limbaugh and all things Women’s Rights

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature

Rush Limbaugh - Caricature (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

In light of Women’s History Month, This poem is dedicated to all the beautiful women of the world, our ancestors, our freedom fighters, our mothers, aunts, grandmothers — our sisters who fight everyday to make it so that we have all of the rights and equalities due to us, just because we are women, and just because we are the ones who bear life and bear the brunt of life. I thank you! And in defense of you, I wrote this poem.  The world is getting uglier and some men, especially those conservative, evangelical perpetrators, have got it in their heads that it’s okay to treat the very people who brought them into the world and raised them up, like dirt.  We are more than sexual beings for them to trash around town and it’s up to us to keep making them remember that they can’t just walk all over us, we are not their punching bags, and we are not jokes to be made fun of to make themselves popular across America’s airwaves.  

I Hate You by Kellea Tibbs (aka ivywriter)

I don’t normally use the word HATE
All willy nilly
And as freely as
It’s flowing
Off my tongue right now

But, Rush Limbaugh.

I Hate You!

And much like my girl  Kelis
When she declared her
Utter hatred
For old dude
In her
Womanist filled classic
Women’s Rights
Pledge of alliance
To all things fair in the land of

relationship inequality
Rush Limbaugh
“I hate you so much right now!”

Without a doubt

I will put my disdain for you
On 100% of my government health benefits
My so-called entitlement (according to you)
To have birth control
And all things contraceptive
Available at my
Beckoned call
Because, well,

I Hate You!

And It’s my right
As a citizen

As this strong willed female citizen

So just like
Your right to freedom of speech
To spew your
Sexist saturated
Lude, rude words
At women
As if we are pieces of meat
As if it’s not okay
For us
To prevent pregnancy
As if it’s not our right
To say NO
To a Fat, unattractive
Unsexy  rapist of sorts –
A sexual assaulter of words
Such as you

You hypocritical evangelical

loud mouthed, conservative

bag of hot air
Rush Limbaugh.

You can kick rocks
I guarantee you
With all my heart and soul
And in defense of all women and girls
In the world
Who feel disrespected
And violated by you
And other jerks like you

I –  HATE  – YOU!

copyright 2012 march thirty one poetry

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