march thirty one: twitter poetry challenge, haiku about favorite tv show

So I decided to respond to a twitter poetry challenge by Young Chicago Authors (@YoungChiAuthors ,, to write a haiku about your favorite TV show. Here’s mine:

haiku for my favorite tv show

ripped from the headlines

real life stories with a twist

law and order love

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march thirty one: a poem for grand(mothers)

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I have been thinking a lot about my grandmothers lately and I felt compelled to write a mother’s day poem for them. And Happy Mother’s day to all mothers everywhere! That includes birth mothers, adopted mothers, aunties, grandmothers, sisters who play a mother’s role, and anyone who cares for someone in a maternal way!


lessons from my grandmothers


dear grandmothers


I miss you times two


grandma to the left


and grandma to the right




on the family tree


you both add value


to who I am


for you gave me


my mother


and my father


who had me


the offspring


of you


and it is on this day


that we honor mothers


and the mothers


of mothers


I honor you


my grandmothers


my wise apparents


who showed me how to


bake and sew


how to make water


out of wine


how to take loaves


and turn them into


a feast


you taught me


about beauty


inner and outer


how to take care


of loved ones


and how to


be love everyone






god fearing


in all actions




and words


I thank you


for existing


and I know


that heaven is a better place


with you


thank you for reading march thirty one poetry


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march thirty one: #30poems30days, the last day of national poetry month, April 30

So, I’ve been totally off my game this year for National Poetry Month. I was doing so well at the beginning of the month when I had a lot of down time but towards the end of April, I just couldn’t keep up.  So, to round out the month, I want to eek out one last poem. This is an homage to graduating seniors everywhere. Congratulations graduates and here’s to the rest of your life.


finals week

heads hang low

books open

eyes glazed over

pajama pants

become your outfit

of choice

as you work

to cram

a semester’s worth

of information

into your head

with energy drinks

on tap

like happy hour

as you intake


like a patient

who needs

a blood transfusion

as anxiety builds

you realize


it’s all a crap shoot

unless you

keep calm


and do your best


in the end

it’s all about

how tough you are

and how these

past four years

of your life

will be

worth it

in the end

degree in hand

it’s over


thank you for reading march thirty one poetry

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