march thirty one: writer’s digest chapbook poetry challenge, prompt #3

Cover of "Poltergeist (25th Anniversary E...

Cover of Poltergeist (25th Anniversary Edition)

For the month of November, the challenge is to write apoem-a-day andsubmit your finished work for a Chapbook Challenge.

Find out the daily Chapbook Challenge prompts by visiting Poetic Asides written by Robert Lee Brewer on Writer’s Digest at:


Prompt #3 is from Joshua Gray:  Write a poem that scares you. It could be a scary movie or ghost story poem. It could be a poem about a secret in your past. It could be a poem about your worst fear. It just needs to bring up a scary/fearful/uncomfortable emotion as you write.



scary moments

last week

I watched Poltergeist on Halloween

that classic scary movie

from the 80s

with the pre-paranormal-esque

somewhat believable

story line

about houses built

on top of the graves

of long lost relatives

who returned to haunt the present

the shady real estate brokers

and the revenge of the underdog

a throwback of memories

considering the recession

houses in foreclosure

families in disarray

estate sales

and somehow trendsetters

manage to make downsizing

to apartment living

chic and cool again

scary movies

morphing into real life

make zombies and serial killers

look like kindergarten

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