march thirty one: The Anthology For Justice Project – Join The Movement #PoetsUnite

#TrayvonMartin The Anthology For Justice Project

In honor of #TrayvonMartin and the fight to bring his killer, a vigilante Neighborhood Watch Captain gone rogue named #GeorgeZimmerman to justice, I’m asking that anyone who considers him or herself a poet, spoken word artist, etc. to share your poetry with me. And not just any poetry, I want to you to send me any piece (new or old), haiku, free verse, whatever, that is originally written by you, that speaks to the idea of JUSTICE or in this case, injustice in America.

I’m an activist at heart and while I don’t have the option to march across campus for various issues as I did in my Kent State undergrad days of the 1990s, I have an idea that will let me put my grassroots activism juices to work. Because I probably won’t be able to attend any of the rallies in Florida (as I imagine many of you won’t be able to either), I feel compelled, as I hope you do, to #BeActive and show your support to Trayvon’s family and all of the other youth all over the world.  I strongly encourage you to participate in The Anthology For Justice Project.   Even if we can’t be present in Florida, I think that we can still be empowered and continue to raise our voices through the power of our creative writing.

If you wish to JOIN THE MOVEMENT, I want to start it off with individual poems posted on my blog first, and hopefully we can move to a submission of You Tube spoken word videos, depending on how far this goes.  Please send your ORIGINAL (I emphasize original) written work to me in one of four (4) ways: 1) email me at , 2) Leave a comment on this blog post – a link to your work, a poem, etc.  3) Tweet me a link of your work (if it’s already on a blog or website) to my Twitter (@ivywriter), or 4)  just tweet a haiku, with the suggested hashtags.  If you choose to tweet your poem or a link to your poem to me, please use all or a combination of the following hashtags: #PoetsUnite,  #AnthologyForJustice,  and #BeActive (try to use at least one of them).   Remember, this is an experiment for justice so please share and spread it to as many poets that you know so that we can let the State of Florida and the U.S. Justice system know that we demand equal treatment for all victims of violent crime.

And P.S. Let’s please make sure we teach our kids what “Neighborhood Watch” really means. It means looking out for your neighbors and friends, being a little nosey, and calling 911. That’s It!  It doesn’t mean being a vigilante and shooting because you feel like it. Justice for #TrayvonMartin

#PoetsUnite #AnthologyForJustice #BeActive

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from all of my fellow poets!


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and The Anthology For Justice Project

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