march thirty one: new poem, reflections on communication

It’s March and as I told my readers, I am launching my new poetry blog as I celebrate the wonderful 31 days of March (by the way, March 31 is my birthday! )

I wrote the poem Communication in 2004 as the technology revolution was taking off at lightning speed with so many new gadgets and ways to create and listen to music, with the onset of new social networks and ways to connect with people (I’ve tweaked it for 2011). And, ss as much as I love all of these new inventions, love social media,  it all seems so overwhelming at times. This poem reflects how all of this has changed our lives.


We can deliver


and voice mail

and snail mail

We speak

via cell phone

text message

and instant message

We find love and  friendship

through online chat rooms

online dating

8 minute dating

We “Facebook” and “Tweet” each other

post photos

and share bits and pieces

of ourselves

We free up our hands

with ear pieces

and headphones

We do things quickly

with MP3s


file sharing

and CD burning

We make ourselves


with laptops

portable DVD players



conference calls

walkie talkies

video mail

video conferencing


and camera phones……

We have all of this

new media

in the world

of technology

That are supposed to

bring people

in this fast paced


high speed society

closer together

So why is it

that we still find it so hard

to keep in touch?

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