the april poems. inactive #NaPoWriMo 4/4/21

poem written 4/4/21 for national poetry writing month.

(in) active 

Sitting and sitting 

Broadcasting life 

Across wifi 

Home office 


With home life 

Zoom meetings 

Conference calls 

Sweat pants  

And dress shirts 

Business on the top  

Party on the bottom  

Grocery shopping  

As social outing 

Storing food  

And toilet paper  

Like Armageddon  

Is coming 

Food cooked 

Lots of  

food cooked 

Pinterest recipes 


Food eaten 

Lots of  

food eaten  


Lots of snacks 

Wine and liquor  

In hibernation 

Pounds gained 

Relaxing much 

Hiding behind  

The guise of self care  

Wondering when 

This pandemic 

This lock down  

Will end 

So you 

Can visit  

Planet Fitness again 

the april poems. before technology. 4/3/21

poem written, 4/3/21 for the NaPoWriMo Writer’s Digest daily challenge.

before technology . 4/3/21

Before cell phones 

We were forced 

To pick up the phone 

Yes, a land line 


Push button 

Dial a number  

No caller ID 

Crossing your fingers 

That someone was home 

Hoping and waiting 

Just to hear a real voice 

No voicemail 

No using our fingers 

To text a message 

That was not an option  

But using our fingers 

To dial a number  

7 digits 

That we had to memorize 


Phone books told us how to find  

The things we needed 

Address books told us 

How to connect  

To the people we needed 

How did we ever get along  

Without our devices 


We called 

We listened 

Then hung up the phone 

Until someone  

Called us back 

the april poems. the future is not impressed. 4/2/21

poem written for national poetry month on 4/2/21.

the future is not impressed

only God knows

the answer to this question

but if I had to take a guess

at what is beyond today

I would have to say

that the future

is waiting for us to catch up

with the present

because if the future

is anything

like our current circumstances

a place in need of more love and less hate

then history

will definitely

repeat itself

over and over again

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the april poems. NaPowrimo Kickoff. 4/1/21. My Past Lives

Kicking off the annual Writer’s Digest Poem A Day writing prompt challenge for NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month). Here’s my first poem for the challenge, see below. I’m also adding my podcast to my blog posts, so please read and take a listen and be sure to subscribe.,

My Past Lives

Jay Z said
Allow me to introduce myself
But who am I

I am the sum of
Of an imagined
Series of past lives

In one past life
I would have
Dined with Langston
Hung on his every word
Literally and Figuratively
For his poetry
Is my inspiration

In another past life
I would have rocked out
With Jimi
Put my hand over my heart
During his rendition
Of the National Anthem
And maybe even
Hung out
In his hotel room
Like a groupie

And in another past life
Reggae would have been
My muse
Steel drums in my soul
With Bob Marley in my ear
Whispering seeds
Of revolution

All of this
A Figment of my imagination
Of course
Because in reality
We only have one life to live
But in my creative mind
I’ve lived these many lives
Always wondering if
I was born
During the wrong era

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